With the force of the nature, this new adventure of to play among the forest and to hide after the trees and maybe hiding among the bushes, thinking that to the lightest movement they can give you with a bullet and that painting always slipped for your clothes and the protection helmet fixed, you will continue running and hiding for that playing the Paintball, nobody survives. You passed amusing a while. You played with your friends, you formed a team and you fought with your enemy, and you will also be able to think that he/she is your boss, to the one that you won’t have another opportunity to throw many bullets to arrive at the end with a complete relaxation to your work day.


Paintball is the sport most booming worldwide. It is a sport where it combines outdoor exercise, contact with nature, strategy, team play and especially the adrenaline rush and good humor.

This sport is practiced worldwide by people of all ages where the main objective is to spend a fantastic and fun day.

Usually played with a minimum of 4 people per team of two, which are equipped with a protective mask and a marker powered by CO2 or compressed air. These markers shoot balls of “painting” that break on impact, leaving a stain. This “painting” is completely biodegradable, nontoxic and washable. (!!! Just wet them with water and disappear !!!)

The balls are made ​​with a gelatin shell (such as capsules of drugs) and filled with food coloring.

There are different types of games (other than those that can be invented on the fly), only depends on the pitch and form of the game and its participants, these games usually take place in other countries. In Chile it is used more outdoor courts or courts with inflatable obstacles.

Center flag: we must get capture the flag before the other team.

Two flags: one must capture the opposing team’s flag.

Speedball: practiced with center flag or two flags in a field with many small stops.

Hyperball: practiced with center flag or two flags with large obstacles, this is often done in competitions.

Sup’airball: practiced with many inflatable obstacles with center flag or 2 flags. Usually the standard for competition.