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One of the most spectacular projects, only in Chile and South America…


Rodelbahn that in fact their meaning is Hint of Sled , brought by an Austrian, he has wanted to develop in Chile one of the most important sports in Europe, inspired by the most active in them like it is the Bobsleighing. Austria, pioneer in this discipline of the extreme sport and in the diversity in ways of generating emotions, it located their unique project in Chile, to fill of adrenaline and our emotion capital, with the installation of the sled hint. In the feet of the mountain of Los Andes, with Santiago's surprising view that incites to the reminiscence, the sleds of the gelid and distant Austria call be children again, to remember last times, to vibrate with the I rejoice of the childhood, with the ecstasy of the speed.. For this reason it is that I develop this project inside La Reina Municipal Park. Occupying an eaves of this beautiful patrimony to the feet mountain of Los Andes, in which one enjoys a spectacular view where we can be directly in contact with the nature.


Having the support of CONAF, you implements a reforestation of more than 8.500 native species for the existent landscape, since we don't want the destruction of this beautiful patrimony that has the most wonderful landscapes during the day and the evening.


This investment is financed completely with European capitals and it has had a cost of more than US$ 3.000.000 of dollars, only to be present in Chile and being the only one in South America. The idea of bringing Chile this project is the likeness of the other European countries in that they are. So much in Canada, Germany, Asia.


... and let's not forget our dearest and loyal friends .the Bernardines, our beloved pets, who gain the hearts of every Rodelbahn visitor.
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