Our country is located in the West part of South America. It is 4.698 km. long from North to South. To the West we have the deep – blue Pacific Ocean, and to the East, the majestic mountain-chain of the Andes.

Chile’s territory is 1.250.000km/2, including the Chilean Antarctica, the Easter Islands and the Juan Fernández archipelago. It has a population of approx. 15.500.000 inhabitants.

It has diverse climates and landscapes : hot and dry in the North, and green and humid in the South . Up in the North, we have the driest desert in the world, the Atacama desert, where you’ll find breathtaking sights, like the Valley of the Moon , or amazing geysers and vulcanoes.

This is a very mineral-rich region, where there is the biggest open copper mine in the world, called Chuquicamata, or where you can visit the once-famous saltpeter deposits with their abandoned settlements. Typical Andean villages and valleys are also something worthwhile seeing. Further south, in La Serena, both vegetation and landscape become richer. La Serena is a very nice city with excelent beaches and beautiful surroundings, that attract more and more tourists from all over he world. The largest demographic density, as well as most of the industrial and agricultural activity, are mainly located between Santiago and Puerto Montt (around 1.116 km).
In Chile’s central zone the tourists can visit large and important grape-growing and wine-making country-estates , in some of which he’ll be able to taste and buy our world-wide known and fine wines.

Down in the South the tourist can visit wonderful lakes with lovely beaches, go fly-fishing or do some nautic sports. Amazing snow-covered vulcanoes, waterfalls and many other attractions can also be found there.

South from Puerto Montt, the scenery turns again different: Hundred of islands, some of them very tiny ones!, glaciers and thundering rivers among an almost untouched vegetation

will delight the visitor. It’s a fascinating surrounding, ideal for those who want to relax and feel Nature ever so close, trying perhaps to find a way to their inner self again…